When the idea comes, you want to be sure your vision translates into something tangible. That's way at Victor Enterprises, we love the one-off. We bring over 40 years of industry knowledge and over 150 years of experience and expertise to every prototype we work on for our clients.

We work with our customers’ designs to manufacture prototypes in order to keep customers from having to interrupt their production schedules with prototype development. In addition, we provide the machines and tooling needed when your design calls for handling large castings and complex geometries. Upon prototype validation, Victor Enterprises Inc. will be ready to make full production runs.

For a high-volume manufacturer, developing a new product can be a drain on time and resources. By using our unrivaled experience in milling, turning, drilling, tapping, and boring, you can focus on your core concerns and be certain that we’re giving your prototype the attention it needs. Working with your designs, we help you avoid interruptions in production schedules and can quickly help determine what works and what doesn’t, and offer solutions to problems before they occur. We focus on working with you to ensure that you get what you need in the most efficient way possible. With Victor Enterprises you can rest assured knowing that we will provide you with world class quality and precision accuracy, while giving you the best lead time, so you get your prototype when you want it, and in your budget.

Finally, once your prototype is approved, we’re ready to assist in production.


Production Run

Whether you need to increase capacity, meet demand, or simply develop a secondary production run, Victor Enterprises is ready to help. From 1 part to 1 thousand, we can manufacture your parts to the tolerances you require.

We understand that the customer comes first, that’s why we focus on delivering your product with the highest quality, when you need it. Have a part that needs to be expedited? Victor Enterprises provides production you can count on. Well known for our experience in the industry, we can quickly machine, assemble, and ship your part.

By working with our clients through design and prototyping, we can gain detailed insights into your product that reduce ramp up times and ensure production runs are fast and efficient.

To better assist with designs that have already been developed, our on-staff engineers will program a CNC machine to maximize the efficiency needed to manufacture your part as desired. With multiple overhead cranes, we are fully capable of moving, handling, and machining any part up to 30 tons.

Repair | Rebuild | Remanufacture

Repair | Rebuild | Remanufacture

When a machine breaks down Victor Enterprises understands what that means. The down time associated with an out of service product can sometimes be detrimental to your operation. You either need to buy a new machine, or find a way to rebuild the one you have. That’s where we come in.

When the time comes for a product to be repaired or rebuilt, Victor Enterprises has all the necessary experience and equipment to determine the best course of action and to make sure the work is done right. We know that down time matters, and we’ll get the work done in a timely manner, while ensuring the highest standard of work is performed and that your back online as soon as possible.

In most cases we can bring your product back to design specifications using our years of expertise. Additive machining technology, CNC machines, and our CMM machine allows us to bring your product back to life and get it working for you again.

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