Victor Enterprises: Services

Victor Enterprises works with our customers' engineers to manufacture parts for centrifugal and reciprocal air compressors, mobile cranes and excavators, and plastic molding and extrusion machines. We also manufacture gear cases, compressor crankcases, gear boxes, bearings, outrigger boxes, clutches, sheaves, shafts, pinions.

Engineering Staff:

Mechanical & Manufacturing

General Machining

We precisely machine large parts for industry, and specialize in components for centrifugal compressors and machine tools. Not only do we refurbish and repair, we also work with our customers to help them create prototype parts.

Manufacturing Engineering

We refine our processes and operations to maximize production, efficiency and workflow to provide customers with the right part at the right time at the right price.

Industry & Defense

We manufacture components for air compressors, missile defense, off-highway equipment, machine tools and more.


When demand exceeds capacity, Victor Enterprises Inc. solves over-capacity problems for our customers.

Prototype Projects

We work with our customers’ designers to manufacture prototypes in order to keep customers from having to interrupt their production schedules with prototype development. Upon prototype validation, Victor Enterprises Inc. will be ready to make full production runs.

CNC Production Run

From one part to one thousand, Victor Enterprises Inc. will manufacture parts on our CNC machines.

Air Valves Manufacture

Victor Enterprises Inc. has over 30 years of experience in creating prototypes, building and refurbishing centrifugal inlet guide vanes.